Adf.ly Not Working Try This Method 

adf.ly not working?
  • Due to adf.ly currently banned in some country  (India) all the adf.ly links may not work for you. Then this post is just for you ..we may solve it  by using two simple methods. 

Method :1

  • 1. If you have face-en something like this.
  • This happens only when adf.ly  is banned in your country.
  • To solve this problem & access to adf.ly links follow the given method.

  • First Download Ultra surf - CLICK HERE
  • Then extract it in a folder.
  • Open ultrasurf by double clicking on it , ultrasurf immediately connects to fast proxy servers automatically  itself.
  • After "successfully connected to server" now open adfly / and adfly links , now  it will work like charm. That's all :)
Method 2 :

1. first of all copy your address bar link of adfly links and it will automatically saves in  clipboard. 
2. Then make a new tab and paste the address link of adfly and just change the  address link to https://adf.ly   
For example :-
  if you want to use this link 
But  it will not work for some users (because of banned for more illegal files transfer over net).
to solve this problem you need to change the address link  
For example :-
 If your links is  www.adf.ly/ or http://www.adf.ly/  Then change it too https://www.adfly.ly/

Method 3:-

1. If you are using Opera mini, enable TURBO in it, now you can open your Adf.ly from it.

2. If you are using Google Chrome- Open google chrome, press "Control+Shift+N" and it will open a new window, you can open adf.ly from there.

3. If you are using Mozzila FireFox, open safe mode.

Method 4:-

1.Open kproxy.
2. Go there and type "adf.ly".

3. click go! and it will open the ADFLY site and you can see your earnings and other account information.

 sure it will work (checked 100%)2014

For more tricks stay turned thanks ....


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