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   *Update New Version Latest 2013 Full Version. Angry Bird Space - is one game that has worldwide and sold in the market, because it is a fun and unique game, this game uses the theme in space, which is where the pigs are in the planets have gravity, he called this game is sometimes gravity can help us in destroying the pigs. But not infrequently also the force of gravity is also difficult for us to attack the pigs.

After yesterday launched Angry Bird Space V1.3.1, has now Rovio has released an updated version of Angry Bird Space, namely Space v1.4.0 Angry Bird. In this latest version is the addition of the addition of a little level on Pig Dipper and the addition of new birds and fixes bugs.

Screenshot :

Download Information :
Title: Angry Birds 1.4.0 Space
Filename: AngryBirdsSpaceInstaller_1.4.0.exe
File size: 42.46 MB
OS: Windows PC
category: Puzzle Games
license: Limited Gameplay

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