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Hello Guys,it Anbuselvan rocky Here

I have got requests from many of the newbies in Facebook Groups and Pages on the trick how to hide name in facebook.
So, I thought of explaining it Exciting

[Image: Facebook_Invisible_name.jpg]

This is an easy proxy setting, Actually Facebook give every where or every country a different policy to there users, thus completely different options of various country we will not use them simply, however dynamical some proxy setting we are able to try this, Facebook is no longer only a photograph sharing, status sharing or video sharing platform, currently folks want to share or icon one thing new like as animated gif image and plenty of a lot of, On each social sites users main means that is attract the friend on there profile, If you produce your Facebook account while not name, Than folks should drawn to Your profile, you'll get a lot of likes and see your daily updates.

This Trick will only Work with Indonesian Proxy, as it only works in indonesia. SO, lets start :

1. Open your Firefox Browser, because in firefox its easy to setup a proxy

2. Now click Tools > Options by just pressing :

Press "Alt+T" for tools and then press "O" for Options

3. Now click on Advanced Tab and then Network Tab in sub menu and then Settings

[Image: Proxy_Settings_firefox.jpg]

4. Now select "Manual Proxy Configuration" and then enter the below proxy as shown below by checking the "use this proxy server for all protocols" option :

http proxy :  &  Port : 8080

[Image: Proxy_Settings_firefox_manual.jpg]

5. Now click ok and save the settings.

6. Now login to your Facebook account.

7. Now open the settings page in facebook from the below URL :


8. Now change the language by editing the name option and then replace your name with exactly the below characters (just copy paste)


9. Now only remove the 2 K letters carefully and then save the name by entering your password

10. That's it. Its all done Red_heart
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