Key Features

  • Lessons: TypeFaster will allow you to type with your ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. Indeed, it offers 15 different lessons in typing, which will help you remember each key.
  • Exercises: with TypeFaster, courses are accompanied by exercises. Your training will be faster with this software thanks to these exercises. We must bear in mind that the goal of this tool is to type displayed letters making the fewest mistakes.
  • Evaluation: an evaluation is necessary to know where you are in your learning. With TypeFaster, the evaluation of your performance will be rated depending your speed in performing the exercises and the number of mistakes made.
  • Game: TypeFaster gives you a better satisfaction in its use. In fact, with this software, play and learn at the same time is possible. It is offering spaceship-shooter typing game. The tool also includes customizable font sizes and international keyboard layouts.

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